Terrain Wizard

From Idea to Unity Terrain in Minutes

The fastest way to procedurally generate predictable terrains in Unity. Get to playtesting level ideas fast.

Fully Documented

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Compatible with Standard Unity Terrain Tools

Our goal is to get you moving quickly, not to control your workflow. Terrain Wizard is fully integrated with Unity Terrain Tools

Influence Generation Globally

Quick and simple controls enable you to procedurally generate a huge variety of terrains that all conform to the basic shape of our design but provide significant variations.

Just three sliders for height, steepness and stamp density are enough for many users, but advanced users are not limited to just this.

Control Each Stamp Individually

Advanced users can dive in and control a large array of parameters for the procedural stamping of the terrain. Quickly switch from mountains to rolling hills either by swapping out a supplied biome or fine tuning your current one.

Control each stamping colour in minute detail, injecting more or less randomness as needed for your use case. Test a variety of terrains with players to find the perfect balance.

Compatible with other Tools

Terrain Wizard creates terrains. You won't find tons of features unique to Terrain Wizard that lock you in to a particular way of working. Our goal is to get you to a prototype terrain within minutes, once play tested you can fine tune and refine using Terrain Wizard or any other Unity Terrain Tool.

Terrain Wizard itself is fully integrated into Unity Terrain Tools and appears within the same UI. Terrains can be exported for use in other tools that can use a stamp. In fact, we even provide helpers to make this as easy as possible.

Fully Texture Instantly

Setup as many texture brushes as you need to create the perfect texturing. The asset includes a number of biomes and the required terrain layers and brushes. Apply layers individually or together. Automatically texture the whole terrain, or paint layers manually for that extra level of control.

All brushes are defined using the standard Terrain Tools masks. There are no new mask systems to learn in order to use Terrain Wizard texturing. Similarly all skills learned with Terrain Wizard are transferable to the standard Unity Terrain Tools.

Included Lighting Settings

The asset includes a set of sample skybox and light setups to get you started. View your terrain at multiple times of the day and with various weather conditions.

Terrain Wizard also includes some other handy utilities to help you get going quickly with your terrain building.

Finally, the terrain generated is 100% Unity native. You don't need any of the Terrain Wizard code in your final game to use these terrains.

Active Development

The asset is continually updated in response to our own Game Dev needs and those of the community.

Ever expanding documentation, spanning over 40 pages on first release.

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