The Wizards Code

We are the Code, You are the Wizards

Welcome to the Wizards Code. We create Unity Assets that focus on accelerating your Game Development experience. Check out our publisher page on the Unity Asset Store and Join us on The Wizards Code Discord.

Terrain Wizard

Create procedural, but predictable, terrains in seconds. Paint a map in 3 colors click the generate button - done! The goal of Terrain Wizard is rapid prototyping. Get to gameplay tests faster. Owners of Terrain Wizard get a discount on our Unity Terrain and Stamps packs. Read More

Check out our publisher page on the Unity Asset Store.

Unity Terrains and Stamps

My first set Terrains and Stamps pack for Unity is now live.  There are some free packs and some at a low low price. Each pack has 20 terrains presented as terrain data, heightmaps and brushes. They can be used as-is or, more creatively, within tools such as Unity Terrain Tools, Gaia, MapMagic, Vista or Atlas. Upgrade from these packs to Terrain Wizard at a reduced price.

Check out our publisher page on the Unity Asset Store.

GameDev is Fun

We develop games for fun. For us it is not our primary work so you aren't going to get AAA quality game advice from us here. But what we can do is share what we've learned from making games as a hobby, for fun and for some profit too.

Since it is a hobby, though a serious one at that, we focus a great deal on learning and efficiency. So check out some of what we have learned on the Wizards Code You Tube channel and our written content too.  We've also producted some Unity assets too, wth goal is to get going quickly on new projects, you will find them useful as well.